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Friday, June 7, 2013

Is Your Television Looking For A New Home?

It is our responsibility to educate our clients.

Potential buyers call with the understanding that we will provide assistance in the selection and purchase of a home.  The expectation is to address what types of homes are available at a particular price point, financing, amenities, negotiations and marketing trends.

Sadly, just as teachers in today's society are required to teach behavioral modification and social skills when parents are negligent in the home, as parents push to obligate schools to build a faith in God within their children rather than instill it in the home, REALTORS are finding they have to educate their buyers on the importance of defining and establishing core values.   If they don't already have them, or you are unable to help them define some, the home buying process will become a long, tiresome, and probably unsuccessful endeavor.

E.F. Schumacherm said:  "I'm not at all contemptuous of comforts, but they have their place and it is not first."

 I go over as many of those key areas at the first opportunity (makes the home selection process so much easier), buyer presentation folders and stats on hand at  first contact.  Inevitably, after the first home preview and 'so and so said we should...',  their character comes shining through.  Priorities come to light following a consistent trend with home buyers that I find dismaying.  The best value, location and condition will slam
 up against a brick wall when a suitable spot is not readily available for the almighty television set!

The property is everything they asked for and were dreaming of.  I knew, like I knew, like I knew...this would be the house.  Incredibly the wheels screech to a stop when the husband turns full circle and says...'But where will we put the tv?'   And the conversation goes on to the size...the GLORIOUS SIZE of this technological beast... (manhood issues?)  Seriously!  This is NEVER brought up by  single women buyers (theirs run along another vein entirely).  But, couples and single men inevitably bring up the television set.  And to allow (charming and alluring as she is) the tv to influence such a critical choice is beyond me.  Are they unable to grasp the concept of value?  The price of a home to a television set?  Seriously gentlemen, bigger is not always better.

One man's television set is another man's fire pit.  The recent sale of one of my listings by another agent was hinged on a fire pit.  Mr. So and So Agent had already addressed the placement of the television (fortunately my seller displayed his own formidable set) and he was able to sail past that road block.  Apparently for this buyer, the deal breaker was his FIRE PIT!  There must be a suitable spot for the FIRE PIT.  Even with four acres, a party house and screen porch, large deck, workshop, swimming pool, the FIRE PIT took precedence.  They have one child and another on the way, I don't know if schools were mentioned?  My commission - i.e. mortgage payment off a $284,000 listing was held hostage by a FIRE PIT?  Fortunately, they discovered  it would place nicely on the expansive deck.

I will not leave you with the impression that I am a sanctimonious cow.  That I feel myself above the behavior
of today's home buyer.  I have fallen prey to the god of things as well.
I found a waterbed at a yard sale about 25 years ago and absolutely HAD TO HAVE IT!  Nothing would do but I have that was BIG, and GRAND.  And somebody slap me...a waterbed.  With a canopy and mirrors.  My own BEAST!  We had to re beam the floor (kitchen ceiling) to hold the weight of it in all its glory.  Which in turn necessitated the remodeling of the kitchen after we tore out the ceiling.  I have to say the end results were truly lovely.  I enjoyed the finished kitchen exactly 6 weeks before my husband lost his job and we were relocated to South Carolina.  Hence my new found wisdom in the elusive value in things, (it sprang a leak soon after it's relocation to The South and was replaced by a more traditional model). No water, canopies or mirrors.

What does this say about us ladies?  Our priorities lie pun intended!