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Monday, March 3, 2014

Fishnets or Crystal...I think I'll take the fishnets.

We are well familiar with the trend to provide the young participants on recreational sports teams with a trophy.  EVERYONE is recognized!   The entire team gets an award.  Not just the All Star Team or All Star Player, every player on every team.  Their little psyche must be protected.  All that blah blah blah.

What is the long term result of this kind of pandering?  Well, we see it in our buyers, they think they deserve a house in spite of their credit history, must have this, must have that,  ya ya ya.  But what about REALTORS?  Fortunately the majority of us are a tad older and have been beat up enough we know not to expect much of anything at all.  We KNOW we gotta earn our award, they are never given lightly.

Lets talk about those awards, shall we?

After politicians and the entertainment industry I can't think of a field of more sensitive, ego-centric individuals than real estate agents.  Yes, I know, I speak of myself.  Therefore, I know of what I speak.

We do soooo love our awards!   Any award.  Just give me a speck of recognition!

Everyone knows about the TOP PRODUCER award!  Buyers and sellers clamor to work with them, they are special someones who have proven their worth.  Top Producers rule the roost when office policy is questioned. If they don't like it, it gets changed.  If the Top Producers want it, the rest of us suck it up and go on.   Deference is awarded for office selection, parking spaces, holiday parties are organized to suit their schedules.  When a Top Producer desires to see the removal of a staff person who doesn't dress how they like, doesn't think they hung the moon, eventually you may rest assured, they WILL be gone.  It is the nature of the beast.  The law of the jungle and the pecking  order in the world of real estate.  Never be deceived by the whole 'team' concept or the happy smiling photos promoting partnerships.  The bottom line is always the almighty dollar.  It's business.

There is something about receiving an award that has the ability to lift your day, rebuilt your confidence and validate your work. The Century 21 franchise offers an opportunity for buyers and sellers to grade their agent.  A Quality Service Survey is emailed immediately after closing with a 1-10 scoring. 10 being the highest, bestest!  A RATE  YOUR REALTOR so to speak.

I'm not a Top Producer, haven't reached even the bottom rung on the GEMSTONE hierarchy of Ruby, Emerald and Diamonds award that identifies our company elite money maker$  So, I work to grow my
Ain't so purty anymore
business based on the quality of the work provided to the clients I DO have.

In 2013 it worked!  See that shiny crystal award on the right?  I received that less than a week ago.  Excellent scores from my buyers and sellers for 2013. Oh the JOY!  Today my email contains a scathing survey from the client on my last closing.  I had the seller.  A full priced offer, brought to close in under 6 months.   I had the property cleaned when it was listed, coordinated repairs, and  had three offers during the listing period.  What happened?  The seller agreed to pay a set dollar amount of closing costs for the buyer, then here comes a HUD with LESS allotted to the buyer.  Mr. So and So Seller sees more $ to his pocket. Yippie Skippie!!   We ask why and  are told the lender will not allow the buyer the full contracted amount.  So, Mr. So and So Seller is happy happy joy joy.  Then, another HUD is emailed.  The loan amount has been changed...buyer is granted full amount of contracted closing costs.  Mr. So and So Seller no longer happy happy joy joy.  It matters not one whit that he had agreed to pay the full amount initially. Mr. So and So Seller was given candy and it was snatched away.

There is now an 'appearance of evil'...and someone must answer for it.

I'm no Bo Derek but geez
That someone is me.  The home was sold, everyone was paid, business moves forward.  Everyone gets what they wanted.  Except me.  This client was given my name by a former client.  Assured that I was all that and a slice of bread.  People like evil more than good.  Gossip and nasty are what greases the excitement of the media and real estate business.  Real estate is played out as a win/lose game, agents literally study The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

I have been reading the book of Proverbs.  I lost.  

You are only as good as the POLLS, your LAST MOVIE, or the LAST IMPRESSION your client has of your work.

That lovely Leg Lamp in the Christmas Story movie has more appeal right now than my Major Award.

Immediately after receiving my sad report card another seller called - praised me up, down and sideways.  Within minutes my Broker In Charge told me I had earned the Agent of the Month award (based on highest closed sales $$$ - the coveted parking spot was MINE!!  Such is the nature of the real estate business, it can turn in an instant!  And that is why most of us keep going...
Everyone will NOT love you - but the ones who do, make it all worthwhile!