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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Whose Day Is It?

Time travel is not an option
It occurred to me on Wednesday when I logged onto FACEBOOK and saw a friend had posted "Today is MY FRIDAY", that people are skipping back and forth through the work week transposing one day for another with careless abandon.

It's a common post ... 'Today is my....whatever'.  (there is probably a generational word for this but I don't know what it is).  I kind of resent those posts, designed to generate envy.  'Lucky you, lucky you...ENJOY', the postings read all down the page.  (we don't mean it, it is expected - we are totally ticked that you are off and we have to slug on into the office).

More than once after having worked both Saturday and Sunday, Monday becomes a moot point.   If I am working Saturday & Sunday - does my FRIDAY become WEDNESDAY?  Will Sunday become my Saturday or will I be short shifted and end up with TWO MONDAYS?  How would you feel if you had to live through TWO MONDAYS?

This changing of the days to suit ourselves creates obvious conflict given that what I find to be my busy WEDNESDAY may not mesh well with a clients FRIDAY.  They may be gearing up for their play time while I am trying to get them to stay on task so I can can accomplish everything I need to during my busiest day of the week.  Their lender may be stuck in a TWO MONDAY week!  They want that W-2 NOW,  not on the buyers WEDNESDAY (which will in reality be the lenders following MONDAY)!  An entire week lost (not sure if that is real time or figurative)...I am losing track.   Can you see how the flow would become muddied?

How can we know when someone is having a FRIDAY on a WEDNESDAY if they are not our friends on FACEBOOK?  I don't want to be friends with some of these people.  They don't want to be friends with me.  I just want to get them into a house.  In a timely manner.

Remember when your birthday was a one day event? Not even ALL day - just the brief time that family and/or friends had identified as a free spot to gather together and blow out candles on a homemade cake. Now we have birthday week.  Some people actually rate a birthday MONTH!   Merry Christmas has evolved into Happy Holidays - baby Jesus barely gets one day, but John/Jane Q. Public rate a week or a month?  Am I the only one that feels something out of balance here?

When the average person rates an entire MONTH of celebration for their illustrious birth - how are real estate agents to nicely convey to their buyers that lenders, sellers, and closing attorneys don't recognize their notoriety?  Their birthday doesn't rate a national holiday.  They wont' be awarded special recognition on their mortgage rates or forgiven a poor credit score.  They just aren't that special to people on the other side of the house buying process.  NOTE:  Especially the sellers.

Our sales contract states "Time is of the essence".  The contract is riddled with dates and deadlines. A step by step process with defined dates that lead to a specifically timed goal.  A closing. How can we convey the importance that Monday is MONDAY and Friday is FRIDAY.

Even real estate agents have become cavalier with identifying time.  Offers are not presented to sellers before they expire, home inspection deadlines are ignored, closings are delayed and the contract is not extended. If someone complains about their lack of diligence, out comes the threatening...'Don't you want it sold? My client is gonna WAAALK'!  ugggghhhh  How about you just skip on down the yellow brick road!   We will just wait on the Tin Man, he knows enough to come in out of the rain. Sometimes.

Picture this- clients wanna confirm a close date and the lender says, not WEDNESDAY - that's MY FRIDAY, and the closing attorney says not THURSDAY - that's MY FRIDAY, and Tina says not FRIDAY - that's MY SATURDAY...whose calendar will we use?

If 'time is of the essence', who defines the time, date, and holidays? A close date could all fall on someones BIRTHDAY WEEK and then what would we do?  

Today is Tuesday.  Mandatory Sales Meeting Tuesday.  THAT day never changes...regardless of who is having WHAT DAY!  Odd that I find that comforting.