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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sorry, no new home until we shovel all the BULLSHIT out (you can live out of boxes, right?)

I have said it before, I am saying it now.

If it looks like BULLSHIT, smells like BULLSHIT...I don't need to taste it to verify that it is BULLSHIT.

Real estate is a BULLSHIT business.  It is tossed, thrown and hidden from the unsuspecting every day.

YES, I am a tad TICKED OFF!   I called BULLSHIT weeks ago...and oh is BULLSHIT still today.  Buyers and sellers should never be jerked around over dotting an i, crossing a T, a misplaced email or fax.  Running from their jobs to rework addendum after addendum, sign and fax paperwork two, three and four times before some 'assistant' says 'oh, HERE it is'...duh

At some point (which should be ALL THE TIME).  The real estate deal should be about the BUYERS AND SELLERS.  Not the lenders, not the attorney, nor the REALTORS.

It is time for the clients to pick up the UGLY STICK and start whacking at the lenders, appraisers and inspectors.  Yes, even the real estate agents.  It's coming.  Mark my words.  They have HAD ENOUGH

I am going on record...right now, ...and offer a clear forecast so you can put on your boots and CYA.  The BULLSHIT is coming to and end!!!  Buyers and seller have been strung out, strung along and strung up for so long the entire home buying process is about to transition from BULLSHIT to a SHIT STORM.

I don't have the patience for BULLSHIT and I am going to start rousing the rabble to march in the streets, order a review and QUESTION, QUESTION, QUESTION...the status quo  that has become BULLSHIT!

It is time to get to work and actually WORK.  Stop pushing the BULLSHIT button.   It's been played one too many times.

John Q. Public is looking a bit closer at your credentials (?)