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Friday, January 31, 2014

Mi Casa Su Casa and all that other B S

I was going to post something sweet today.  I REALLY was!  I even told one of my clients, that I would write about all of the truly wonderful clients I have and have had.

Sadly, I can't make myself do it.  I am just too P.O.-ed as my mother would have said.  PISSED OFF!

My BLOG today concerns the low life, dirtbag, no good, sneaky, lying real estate agent that doesn't have to abide by the same rules/laws as everyone else.  They cross markets, and they tend to cluster.  Like kind, like mind, a true cluster know what of F-TARDS.  Typically they all work in the same office and are inter-related on some/many levels.

Here's the deal.  Certain real estate agents (not REALTORS), and I get all the Restraint of Trade stuff... don't have to, and DON"T, abide by the ethical requirements of REALTORS.  EVER.  By law we have to work with them anyway...they have a right to make a living and all that good stuff.

TOP SECRET key cabinet!
John Q. Public doesn't give a squat.  They probably roll their eyes when I start on this sort of thing. The REALTORS I have been talking to the last couple of days don't even care. Let me give you a clue, cause you ain't got one.

When it's your home that is being accessed by one of these 'buyer agents' you better give a squat.  Cause they will do exactly as they please and ethical REALTORS are forced by their company policy to abide by the Restraint of Trade, bend over and say, have at it.

The most prolific practice concerns keys to our listings.  These 'agents' have no super key (cause they belong to no MLS), belong to no REALTOR Associations and are entities unto themselves.  So, when they want to show your listings they come and get a key (required per office policy to be made available i.e. Restraint of Trade).  Our office keeps our keys safely locked away, behind a lockbox to record all access...sign out sheet to report who the keys are given to.  AWESOME JOB.  Except we don't need to protect our keys from ourselves!  Once they have it in their grubby little hands (freely given and documented that WE gave it to them) there is no further way to monitor that key!  Got it?  No way. AND VIRTUALLY NO CONSEQUENCE FOR THEIR BEHAVIOR!

Mr. Dirtbag collected a key last Friday for one of my listings.  Today is Friday of the following week.   I have called, texted (which I know he does cause he had no trouble texting and calling my cell all weekend) emailed, and called his office.  No response.  Six days later.  No return of key.

I called his office a moment ago and started right in when I was told she could 'get him a message'...'Tell him if he enters the home without an appointment I am charging him with trespass.  And the key better be returned by 5 pm today!'  click click click went her keys...supposedly documenting my every word.  (I am not a moron, she is making like it doesn't happen ALL THE TIME in her office).  His sister did the same thing three weeks ago to another agent.  Kept the key 2 weeks to a listing...coming and going at will, without consequence.

I'm not quite sure what it is that makes them special.  My broker in charge can't tell me.  I just went in to rant at her and ask could we fine them?  Her response was let me talk to our attorney.  (I won't hold my breath on that one).

I'm Italian.  I don't need an attorney.  I'll handle this the Italian way.  See how little ole' Southern boy acts when I jack him up by the short hairs.

The property in question is vacant.  Obviously, he knows this.  He called from the home.  Said his buyer was interested.  No further appointments have been made to see the home by him (so why keep the key?) No offers on said property forthcoming.

ALL listings must have an appointment , regardless of whether they are vacant or not.  Our MLS has a $200 fine for unauthorized use of the super key to enter a home. (ahhh but he is not a member of our MLS).  The key is to be returned the same day...sadly, who enforces that?  No one.  We have NO recourse, but THEY have every right.  Our sellers are all for letting them in when they first start in...'We will work with ANYONE!!'

uh huh

Give it a day or two and they do a quick about face on that one.  They ask for feedback, I have none.  I can't get the agent to respond on any level.  I no longer have the extra key for other agents to show the property.  Do we disclose this to the seller?  Someone has a key to your home and won't return it.  I know how I would respond if I were the owner.

I've BLOGGED about crime stats and vandalism before.  This is a small community.  If you haven't read up on the 6 Degrees of Separation I would urge you to do so.  It's really, really cool and I suspect has
It's only a key!
validity here.  Somebody in the real estate business has a connection to these vandals,an agent?  Maybe, maybe not.  I know agents have given their buyers keys to vacant homes and let them go on their own.  Who goes with them?  Are they even real buyers?  I know agents that don't verify the buyers ability.  Just put it all out there 'in case' it turns real.     It isn't a victimless crime.  Those stats have a direct impact on our community and our lack of interest in WHAT and HOW these are occurring is shameful.

I asked a police officer friend what could be done.  I was told it is a civil matter.  uh huh

I'm just curious, at what point does it become a criminal matter?   When copper goes missing?  Wiring?  A few more windows get smashed out or another agent walks in on a meth head or is robbed waiting in the vacant property for a delayed buyer?  Not that important, I get that.  Loud and clear.  

No email, no text, no phone call, no key.  

It just dawned on me!!!!   Mr. Dirtbag could be dead in the house!  And no one reported him missing...

If he isn't dead, I may just have to make an example of him.  Provide a pair of cement shoes, keep him from treading where he isn't authorized to go.   Just kidding, but you get my point?

At some time, I will show this home.  I will  enter a boarded up, pre-vandalized property knowing that there is a key floating around out there in someones hands.

Thanks so much for not giving a squat.