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Friday, January 10, 2014

Monkey See, Monkey Do. Which monkey R U?

Pick or Choose Survey Monkey
Christmas is over, New Years Day is past. My final meeting acting as President of the Association was in November.  The new President begins their duties in December.

Throughout the year the membership murmured they would like to have more personal interaction socially (organized) with each other. The remember whens started.  Remember when we used to have a REAL Christmas Party?  Remember when we had cook-outs and wine & cheese mixers?  There was even mention of serving alcohol at our general membership meetings...GASP!  I found members lingering over coffee at the end of meetings, reluctant to wind down.  Actually enjoying each others company!  It had become common practice to wolf down their food while the speaker was doing their thing and rush out in under an hour while we are allotted a full two hours with our reservation!

I took it as a good sign.

In July I shared what I was hearing with my Board of Directors.  We were long overdue for a real PARRTAAAY!  The economy, unemployment, foreclosures and short sales had been beating on us for so long I didn't think we remembered HOW to have a good time anymore.

No one looked around.  They didn't meet my eyes.  So, I said it again.  OUR membership (those we represent) are asking for more social interaction.  Our budget doesn't allow for much beyond what we are
Nay sayers are sooo much fun!
doing but how about we have a real Christmas Party in lieu of our December luncheon meeting?  An evening event rather than our 'quick as a flash' Christmas Social luncheon!  It caught on...some smiles and chatter.  Of course there were a few nay sayers.  I never listen to nay sayers.

I was OFF and running.  Such excitement.  Such JOY!  We were going to end the year with a BASH!  Out went a survey (don't you just LOVE Survey Monkey).  68% were interested in an evening event and willing to PAY out of their own pockets. Given that we have right about that number attending the REALTOR Membership meetings we were going to be solid.

Then came the actual planning.  The hospitality committee coordinates the actual event, but we could not get ONE person to speak up when asked for feedback and input as to what/when/where.  The nay sayers were busy at work behind the scenes.

I never listen to nay sayers.

The hospitality committee consisted of exactly one person.  A man.  He insists he never signed up for the position.  I have the paperwork.  I know him too well.  He didn't pay attention to what he was checking off. But, we had it.  There was his name.  He gamely stepped up and organized the entire event.

Mr. Hospitality asked what he should do?  I told him, 'Do whatever YOU want!'  Since there were no suggestions from the membership - it's YOUR PARTY BABY!  We talked a little about it, would this restaurant work?  How about that for the menu?  But I pretty much left it up to him.  If no one else has interest, the willing gets to think for them.  I had ONE requirement.  A tacky sweater contest.  Typically the Christmas Social required the offices to donate a wrapped gift to be given away as door prizes.  Mr. Hospitality and I thought we would try something a little different. We asked those attending to bring a wrapped item to be auctioned.  Minimum value $10.  The proceeds would go to Meals on Wheels.  Since he was the only one planning, Mr. Hospitality got to select the charity and I thought it was the most worthy of causes.

We waited for reservations to be made.  And waited.  And waited.

I heard whispers in my office of 'No one is going, I'm not going.'  My own company announced their sign up for a Christmas Luncheon with Dirty Santa gift grab (minimum $20 value).  Everyone signed up!  YIPEE! The holidays are extremely busy, for everyone.  We have to pick and choose our parties.  I get that.

And we waited.

People began to say they weren't going if only a handful went. Some made excuses, most didn't, they simply avoided Mr. Hospitality (he is also in my office).  I began to hear Mr. Hospitality making phone calls to other offices.  He would come around the corner smiling with every YES!  They came in one, two at a time.  Many were affiliate members, none were from our office.  We had a point to prove then.  And I was starting to get pissed. Okay, obviously, I am still pissed.

Mr. Hospitality!
We reached a really nice attendance. They rallied, put on silly sweaters and opened their wallets for the elderly in our community.  The broker in charge, a brand new agent,  Mr. Hospitality and I were the only ones from our company (the largest company in the market).  The smaller franchisees, independent companies and affiliate partners once again proved their commitment to our local REALTOR Association.  And I was both exalted and humbled by their support.  Above all by Mr. Hospitality, who I know, organized the entire PARRTAAAY because it was important to me.

There were a few rough spots, can't be helped.  Like the obnoxious agent (dressed in everyday clothes) who
And the winner is...!
lined up with the tacky Christmas sweater contestants.  Was he drunk?  Probably.  I avoid him like the plague since I had to block his number when he would not take NO I WILL NOT NOW NOT EVER go to dinner with you for an answer.  We gave him a prize and just sat his backside down.  What can you do?

Mr. Hospitality has enjoyed reporting on the attendance, fundraising and positive reactions from the Christmas PARRTAAAY!  More than one asked why we didn't do this more often. (uh huh) and I am quite certain they will expect nothing less in 2014!

Our choices define us.  I wonder if they get that?

They love their REALTOR Association
John 21:17 The third time he said to him, “Simon son of John, do you love me?”
Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time, “Do you love me?” He said, “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.”
Jesus said, Feed my sheep.