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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Casa clásica

Something we have in abundance is vintage homes!  Out of 181 active residential listings - 56 were built between 1900 and 1959.  If you are looking for vintage bungalow, retro ranch or elegant eclectic we have offerings from $43,000 - $499,900!
A number of these properties are (but not always) estate properties. This means the property is being sold by the heirs.  Often a multitude of heirs.  No issue there really, however, it can muddy the waters.

As I have said before, I am not 'from the area' originally.  My grandparents came off the boat from Italy, they weren't living in the Burg back before the streets were paved. I don't have those "Old Orangeburg" ties so to speak.  I am one of those 'RELOCATION' clients from years back that stayed to make a home and a living.  No worries - like my grandfather - I can work for what I want.

Soooo...on a certain day my BIC (Broker in Charge) called me into to her office and said she had received call from a gentleman who wanted to list his 'family home' now that his brothers had passed.  She shrugged-'interested?', I said sure.  Kind of odd - most people have local ties, but not always.  Sometimes everyone else has moved away and things are left flapping.  So I called, sounded like I had a shot at something I don't usually have an opportunity for.

The heir that had Power of Attorney said 'they' would be in Orangeburg on Saturday at 10 and would I meet them at the house?  They would be meeting an appraiser at the same time.  HAPPY DANCE!  An appraisal would be invaluable on this 1930's original condition home!  This was going enable me to ensure a sellable property!  I knew we weren't going to replace the original coal furnace, tile roof, or copper screens.  BUT we could position the home to sell to a buyer that could love everything this home was in it's current condition.

Old Goat Appraiser
I showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed Saturday morning to meet everyone.  An appraiser (whom I had heard of by reputation only-who didn't know me from ADAM, or EVE) stood there and told them at least FOUR times that they needed to list with MS. SO AND SO from my very office.  Right there in my face, bold and stinky as you please, TOLD them to list with another agent.  Can you say awkward?  For the sellers, I was just plain stunned (more than a little ticked off).  The son nicely guided me by my elbow to the basement at that moment to take a look at the fascinating coal furnace.

After the VINTAGE APPRAISER had collected his 'data' and left we sat and discussed the partially filled in listing papers (assumptive).  I gently told him that it would be just fine if he wanted to list with Ms. So and So, the paperwork that I brought would be the same, she would just sign her name instead of mine.  He apologized, said he didn't know when he spoke to me that  were with the same company. I quickly addressed my marketing strategy and beat it.  I expected never to darken that doorstep again!

Nothing left to do but head to Columbia for the remainder of the day and go shopping.

Monday morning I shared my experience with another agent.  Low and behold he had received the SAME property as a referral some 3 months earlier.  We compared notes and it was placed by one of the other heirs.  They had asked him to meet them on a Saturday as well, he was unable to and he never heard anything further.   Ms. So and So came to see me, she had declined to meet them on Saturday when she learned yet another agent was coming in at 1:00!  sigh (I hadn't heard about that one).

Ms. Beloved REALTOR  (also known as Ms. So and So) also revealed OLD FART APPRAISER had contacted her prior to meeting with the seller requesting COMPS from her, (he didn't have access to our MLS).  interesting  I asked what she had given him and she said she pulled up everything that sold 'in the neighborhood' and gave them to him.   I had found exactly TWO sales in the entire county that were similar in size, condition and lifestyle.  None of them were located 'in the neighborhood'.  I am not an appraiser, he may know something I don't know...who can say?   It certainly explained WHY he felt compelled to insist they list with Ms. So and So.  They obviously have a relationship (there is that word again).

I received a call some time later - I got the listing!

My vintage listing has been a JOY to work on, my sellers are as supportive as I have ever had!  Everyone falls in love with the property when they go through it (whether they would consider buying it or not).  I can easily visualize the buyer for this exceptional home-a purist, appreciative of everything this property stands for, willing to maintain the homes integrity!  Considering a real project?  Check out our community - we have lots to offer in the way of casa clásica!

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¡Adoro casas más viejas! (I love older homes!)    I periti di Dirtbag, non così molto.  (you get the general idea)