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Friday, January 18, 2013

Healthy eating in Orangeburg!

I'm Italian.  I like my Italian food, and a REAL Italian restaurant (not a chain).  Family owned, where you know the whole crew by name.  Who their parents are, where they live. All of that.  And they know YOU!

Graziano's was THE place to eat in Lisbon, Maine.   I could walk there from my house, get a take out pizza.  Everyone knew everyone else.  We went to school with one another. The kind of place you still think about 23 years after moving away.  The first place on the list to eat when you go back to visit.

Luckily we have just such a place here in town, House of Pizza.  It is technically a GREEK restaurant but they do serve Italian food too. Locally owned.   My children went to school with their children, we talk about where they are and what they are doing, and their friends.I believe I have eaten there at least once a week since I moved here 23 years ago.  That's a whole lotta PIZZA!  I recommend this place to all my relocation buyers.

My sweet server knows what I order. (lousy photo of her - I took it with my phone)  It is an ongoing joke - silly but it makes me happy, I love her for it.  They have a great menu but I am a creature of habit and rarely change up my selection.  Large pepperoni pizza, fries for an appetizer (fried hard), water. Unless I am there earlier in the day then I might go out on a limb and order coffee to keep me going through the afternoon.  We have been known to have a glass of wine now and again too on very special occasions.

Not long ago I learned the restaurant had been SOLD!  I was devastated and a little ticked off.  It would never be the same.  Where would I go on Wednesday for a long meal with my bestie before Bible class?  Where would we be comfortable lingering over our meal, checking our lessons, catch up on the drama of our days?

My office is across the street - I watched the changes come within DAYS!  The addition of some kind of sun room thingy.  I refused to go check it out.

My curiosity got the better of me and  I broke down and we went back this week.
There were obvious structural changes, had there been changes in staff as well? Supposedly the menu was the same but what about the the TASTE?

The first question in the door was - 'Would you like to be seated in the SUN ROOM?'  Well sure, why not?  We were the only ones out there.  Check it out...a fireplace, with a fire.   My daughter and I as per usual were discussing the menu, what we MIGHT have, when our server arrived and asked 'Pepperoni pizza?'  She was STILL HERE!

My dear friend was being very good.  Following up on that New Years thing and all.   A salad for her, Romaine lettuce only if you please.  I told her there was NO WAY I was having a salad.  I had eaten one already for lunch.   She pointed out it was probably best not to combine two salads a day with SLIM QUICK!  Now that's a friend!  Always looking out for your best interest.  She asked for a take out box as soon as her plate arrived, she was taking 1/2 home for lunch tomorrow!  Good girl.

She ate what remained on her plate like the pro-active healthy thing she is.  What I did not document however, was the pizza she ate after the salad.   BUT, that IS what all of the weight loss pros say to do. Drink a ton of water or something good for you like the salad BEFORE you start on the stuff you really want to eat so you don't over do.  Personally, I start with the fries.

They are open for Sunday brunch now too!  I am thinking to swing by before worship.  Time for a new 'routine'.