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Monday, January 21, 2013

Just call Tina didn't mean YOU!

Real estate is not a service industry.

So many try to make it into one.  Granted we ARE expected to deliver service.  We do enjoy helping people when we can, but there is a GOAL in place with that.  It's business. We are working or growing our business.     You will find real estate identified as a business or industry on most pull-downs for surveys etc.  

As you may have read last week I was the duty agent for 1/2 a day or so.  Now that is a complex role, task, assignment whatever you want to call it.  Answering calls about listings, financing, buying and selling is what we do, with a GOAL in mind!  To identify people who are buying or selling - or thinking about buying or selling real estate.   We like talking about real estate, not always with future clients, often it's just with friends, family or colleagues.  It's all good.

I had someone call in asking about commercial properties (remember?) the two that couldn't be found in MLS.   She was a fast talker, knew what she was looking for - very specific.  Gave me her cell, direct line and email address.   I took all of that, it was a contact - no biggie.  It might, might not lead to something.  I did some small work - figured I'd ask around and if it produced - fine.  I wouldn't kill myself on it - if the listings were available I would call her back.  From there we would go to financing and time lines etc.

Well HELLO!  She actually called back later that afternoon.  Did you find anything? - (no sorry).  She threw some other maybes at me - do you have anything like so and so...time for me to look a bit deeper for something that will fit.  I asked her, are you a REALTOR? Oh noooooo, she is not a REALTOR!!  She is a consultant for a developer.  She is finding commercial property for a developer.  uh huh.   I am thinking perhaps she is a wife or girlfriend?  Deliberately vague as to what she is actually doing.

I did a bit of research, emailed her some details on a potential opportunity, 'Would this work...'?  Oh yes, it might at that! (I did not send her the property address or MLS #)  She was responding nicely, just so appreciative.   Would I have some time so she and I get together and preview it on Monday, go over things so she could tell her developer about it?


Time to really nail this one down.   Lets try this again... are you a real estate agent?

Dead silence.  For two days.

First thing Monday morning she emails 'I am not a REALTOR, but I am working the developer as a client'.   Who is the listing agent so I can call him?  

I see.

Google the words real estate consultant.  They sure look like licensed real estate agents to me.  

So, I checked.  She is not licensed in the state of SC.  But she is consulting/offering advice as to the purchase of commercial property to a someone she calls CLIENT.  Someone actually hired her?

I GET IT NOW (see below) ...she is #1  Consulting a REALTOR and then advising her developer client (how silly of me).  I wonder how SHE gets paid?

 [kuhn-suhltkon-suhlt, kuhn-suhlt]verb (used with object)
to seek advice or information from; ask guidance from: Consult your lawyer before signing the contract.
to refer to for information: Consult your dictionary for the spelling of the word.
to have regard for (a person's interest, convenience, etc.) in making plans.
Obsolete . to meditate, plan, or contrive.
verb (used without object)
to consider or deliberate; take counsel; confer (usually followed by with  ): He consulted with hisdoctor.
to give professional or expert advice; serve as consultant.