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Thursday, January 24, 2013

My seller is attracted to me, she just doesn't know it

The listing paperwork has been completed.  I am just waiting for my seller to get the finishing touches done around the house so I can go out Sunday and take the MLS and visual tour photos.  Once I finish those up - we will be good to go!  On the market before Spring!  Ahead of the game!  YIPEEEE!

A few years ago a friend mentioned a friend of hers that would be needing to sell her home-life change situation.  It was a lead, I didn't know her friend from Adam.  'Send her a letter', she said.  So I did.  I never heard anything from her or her husband. I really wasn't terribly confident and so I didn't pursue it. The top producing agent in the market got the listing (I was pretty new).   I did however land a similar property just a short distance away! Sadly, the sellers had interviewed 3 other agents and me being the newbie I was and having so few listings I went for the unreasonable, difficult, I will do things MY way seller.

I watched, and I waited.  Updating my seller on their competition every chance I got.  We were higher priced (of course), they had a pool and more amenities.   Theirs was brick, nicer location...but I pushed and prodded, visual tours, open houses.

I watched, and I waited.   Lots of calls, there were TWO homes on the market with 5 bedrooms and in-law suites.  I had ONE of them.  

My listing never sold.  They didn't take advantage of my recommendations for updates or reductions.  The other listing didn't sell either.

The home was transferred to another top producer in our office.  When she left the business and referred the seller to me (remember those relationship referrals I mentioned).  I was pleased as punch.   We didn't get it sold in spite of many showings and two offers so rather than allow it to start to smell, off the market it came.  We didn't want to become SHARK BAIT!   For over 12 mos. we sat and let the market scramble around looking for what cannot be found at this price.  SIX BEDROOMS and a mother in-law suite.  

We have become friends, pretty good friends I believe.  We are buddies on FACEBOOK, text back and forth now and then.  Have even enjoyed the occasional 'girls night' (movies) that sort of thing.  I don't think she knows the power at work that brought us together. I have never asked if she read the letter, I suspect it was viewed as 'junk mail' and thrown in the trash.   She thinks it was an agent referral that brought us together.  I know better.  It was  The Law of Attraction  All that energy I sent her way, focusing on HER home while I was working to get my listing sold.

I know, like I know, like I know - this home is going to sell quickly!  The agent next to me just asked...'Do you still have P----'s house?  I have someone who needs 6 bedrooms'.  I waved my listing papers and smiled, 'We are back on the market!'  My client feels it too, positive energy all around, working together with a common goal and reasonable expectations. I can FEEL that buyer right there waiting for us to hit the market.   I'll share the tour with ya'll next week!