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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Here I sit, broken hearted...

Can you finish that line?

I spent many Saturdays 'downtown' in Barre, Vermont  with my mother as a child.  At the laundromat, Green Mountain Diner and inevitably making a pit stop at the 'Pay a Dime' restroom in Fishmans Dime Store.  We'd go in together - and she would spout out 'here I sit, broken hearted, paid a dime and only farted'!  I would laugh every time like I had never heard it before.

Don't pretend this offends your sensibilities.  With all the garbage  on FACEBOOK, youtube, television, on and on and on.  A fart is NOTHING.  And frankly - that about sums up how many REALTORS feel on any given day. Here I sit... It has played through my mind many times and I know if my mother were alive today to listen to my rants at the end of the day she would laugh and recite it again!

Wednesdays are my longest day.  I wake up pretty early, usually between 5-5:30 a.m.   DO NOT imagine that I am ready to face anyone personally, but I am drinking coffee in bed, checking the web and stuff. Social media is fine at 5 a.m. - being sociable is another thing entirely. I am focusing on business in one form or another, it's always with you.

At 8:48 a.m.  I sit at the office...waiting on a  buyer to call (since 8:00) to go over the offer he wants to write.  We already have spent 3 hours 
discussing said paperwork over a week ago.  He needed to go home overnight and think about it.  Of course I understood.  He knows I have to leave to meet another client at 9:00.  Is he going to write, will it be today, next week, ever?  Minutes are ticking, I have to go meet with the seller, get back to meet my BIC (broker-in-charge) at 10:20 for a conference on how things are going.

The seller for the 9:00 appt asked me to call at 8:50 a.m. before I head to  meet him at the property in case he forgets.  We played phone tag for a week to establish that connection so I am a bit apprehensive.    He ANSWERS!!!   'Is it that time already' (oh no) he asks. Yes, I tell him.  'Are we good to meet?'  He says he is fine and as I grab my keys guess who calls?

Former said buyer has only a few questions, I stop and go over them with him.  He will call later when he gets in town so we can get the 'paperwork' done.    Off I go.

Lovely meeting at 9 with super nice elderly gentleman who may or may not list.  It depends on what the market indicates he can expect for the property.  I take my info - shake his hand and off I go.  I'll call back and we will go over the market analysis next week - see what can or cannot be done.

At precisely 10:20 I meet with my broker to discuss my activity.  Yes, I have been showing houses.  Yes, they can probably buy.  No, they haven't done anything.  I said this, they said that.  Good stuff, just nothing on PAPER!  Nothing on PAPER means no $$$$.  We discuss strategy and make encouraging noises.  All in all - not bad.

Mandatory call time.  The agent on duty handles incoming calls and questions.   I get an exciting call on one of my listings.  Oh yes, I WILL show my own listings -  regardless.  If nothing else - I owe it to my seller to get in front of all potential buyers, get feedback at the very least.  See if they CAN put something on PAPER.   It's a cool house - great showing! As we talk and walk they are all over the house.  Financing, what can and can't be done. Sounds sooooo good!  Then he writes down his email address and I recognize the name. They have been around looking and looking for years.  To rent.  Can't buy squat.  Won't buy squat.  I say nothing.  I will go back and email the additional info they asked for, it's really warm (almost 80) but something may have frozen over somewhere.  It could happen.

I don't believe I have mentioned the referral I am chasing, the seller I called earlier for our weekly update (the one that I was hoping to write an offer on-thankfully I never mentioned it to her), a commercial agent from out of town is driving around, wants info on 2 properties she saw with signs (for her clients).  I can't find them in MLS.  I'll email her later too.  It goes on and on.

The phone could ring at any time.  WHO KNOWS WHAT CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES will present themselves.  I am not so enthused by the end of the day.

By 5:00 p.m. I hope not to be sitting here broken hearted ...I still haven't heard from the buyer who was going to bring in the paperwork.