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Friday, January 11, 2013

El Presidente And Social Media

The world of real estate needs another blogger like they need another real estate agent!   However, while I may post tips, advice, insights and listings that I hope to be of interest and relevant in the Orangeburg real estate market, my real mission is to provide some humor for John Q. Public.   

I have long waited for a sitcom that would reveal what is really going on in the business, good, bad and VERY UGLY lol, but so far that is not to be.  Soooo...I will post occasionally on this topic instead. 

I am President of the Southern Midlands Association of REALTORS for 2013 it is a mission of mine to bring my partners in RE crime up to speed on the benefits of Social Media while growing my own sphere and knowledge at the same time.  Make $$$ spend NO $$$.  I hate to say, our monthly meetings have become a belly up to the food bar, rush through the business and speaking portion and out the door in under an hours time.  

 My Board of Directors was supportive enough and so the first REALTOR luncheon planned for January 2013 we agreed to have a speaker come in and provide the basics for setting up a FACEBOOK Fan Page.   

Surely most would already have a profile page and we could have them bring ipads, iphones, laptops etc and we would provided step by step help for anyone who wanted it.  They would see MY valuable page - enjoy the REACH and see the benefit!  Then, we could all like each others page, grow and grow and grow.   Simple, easy and fun. Given that the average age of agents in our Association is BABY BOOMER+ I had what I wanted!  A CAPTIVE AUDIENCE.  

Three people brought devices.  One agent with the laptop didn't bother to open it - plead ignorance (really?) duh.   How about just plain lazy? In all honesty, they did all pay very good attention.  Nobody left early or whispered on the sidelines.  I believe they actually enjoyed the meeting.  The feedback over the following days was very positive.  

My car was less cooperative after the meeting...Isabelle refused to leave the Country Club.  I like the food too but geez...move your butt girl!  She simply had to show her backside (battery) to all the lustful males.  And they doooo lust after my lovely little car.  Any excuse to touch her and check under the hood.  Never mind the battery is in the trunk (which I disclosed).  They have been cropped out to protect the privacy of the guilty.  (many thanks for staying to help though :>)  

I exported every single email address for members of the Association and sent them invites to preview my FB Fan Page over the weekend.  Guess how many responded?  Exactly three.  It's been over a week since the meeting.  Either they haven't looked at email or they are boycotting.

Four days after the Associate luncheon our office had our annual retreat.  The imported speaker (who was awesome) from Washington DC advised us to bring in a speaker on Social Media and have them show us how to set up a FB Fan Page (go figure).  I sat quietly smug while my BIC (broker in charge) shared that we had done exactly that not four days prior.   I think my point was made.   A prophet in it's own country and all that. 

Not to worry - I have 11 months left and will continue to offer them the opportunity to catch up with their grandchildren.