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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DINOSAURS: Fascinating but not if they are your REALTOR

Back in the day...

That phrase really grates on my last nerve.   It was cute and trendy for a little while.  Killed me when I would hear 20 somethings say it.  Back in WHAT day?  Diaper days?   They aren't even old enough to go back in the day.   My grandmother owned a nursing/boarding home, she passed in 1979.   Operated it in her own 9 bedroom home in Maine.   I spent summers with her and the old people (yes OLD people) told stories from back in the day... if it's newer than 25 years, it's NOT BACK IN THE DAY!  It's almost yesterday.  geez

REALTORS are whiners, some winers, but almost all are WHINERS!   Habitual whiners about  back in the day... 

Dripping off the tongue of almost every agent in my office, all day long it has become an excuse rather than a reflection.   From the early birds around the coffee pot at 8 a.m., Tuesday morning sales meeting, call time leads to updates for clients.  It has become the catch all for why they can't, by referring to back in the day...back when they could!   

This nation has been through depressions, recessions, even a civil war!  Fortunes won and fortunes lost - many times over.  So what exactly is the point in bemoaning back in the day...
Waiting for the market to improve?  Chasing interest rates and market trends?  Sheep.  Looking for someone to show them what to do, where to go and please feed me on the way.   

Home buyers and sellers don't need REALTORS who behave like sheep, or worse yet DINOSAURS  (cavemen) from back in the day...  We have listings in our MLS that are older than Methuselah  

Try this for innovative marketing.  Can you picture this in the next Showcase of Homes magazine ad: 

Remember this one from back in the day...? Listed 975 days ago and STILL STANDING!  See this one today.  (imagine the sellers response-buyers will smell blood in the water)

Don't get me wrong.  I have nothing against agents that have been in the business since EVER.  Lord willing, that will be me one day.  But please, WORK like you are young and make it for TODAY!  The market you enjoyed and profited from back in the no more.   Start living and working for your clients NOW!