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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

If you can't go home - CRAFT

Our office has an Advisory Committee.  Comprised of three agents - selected from amongst those in the office to represent us to the 'management'.  The ballots were not tallied  by the voting agents so we have to trust that those who were appointed are indeed true representatives and not just placed by management.  Drama, drama, there are those who doubt, and those like myself who don't give a squat.  It is what it is.

The committee has  come up with an innovated and entertaining idea!   At each Tuesday morning Sales Meeting (attendance mandatory) one agent will do a presentation.  Topic of their choice, it might be business related, community service, something they have a particular interest in or as in some cases, another JOB (GA$P)!  We are not allowed to have another job, real estate MUST BE OUR PRIMARY FOCUS!!!!  It's been amusing to watch them come forward presenting their sideline occupations.   We've seen preachers, printing companies, high school refereeing, all manner of clandestine operations!

We've had some interesting presentations.  I did mine today on something that represents me just as truly as my social security number.  CRAFTS! 
I believe I have mentioned previously the manner of some in my field.  Shall I say they are less than gracious on occasion?  I arrived early and set up all of my creations and went back to the kitchen for coffee before our meeting.  A bit later when we all took our seats the agent next to me enjoyed some nasty comments about  the display (she thought it was another agent doing the presentation - seriously?  Like YOUR talk was earth moving about the private school?  I never looked her way when the BIC called me to take the floor.

 I work a lot of relocation business, or as much as I can get my hands on anyway.  The reason I believe I can best represent a buyer moving to South Carolina aside from the obvious skills needed as a REALTOR is because I have actually done it myself.  Relocated under duress when my husband was transferred.  I packed up my family, cat, belongings and moved light years back into the past and relocated to the South.  I'm kidding, but not really.  Moving from New England was a shock!  Now Maine isn't exactly cosmopolitan but it was within driving distance of Boston and New York.  I was lost in S.C.  I couldn't understand a thing they were saying!

Management at Hughes Aircraft told my husband not to let me visit home for 18 mos.  Make her stay here and MAKE friends.  It was good advice.  Through a mother of my daughters friend I learned counted cross stitch that first summer.  The ladies at church showed me how to do a friendship quilt.  From that I moved on to porcelain dolls with the Newcomers Club.  Basketry at the State Park...on and on.  Grew to a craft group in my home, we sold our handiwork at craft fairs and in a little boutique in the Prince of Orange Mall.

More than 20 years have gone from that first sampler.  Dear friends have moved in and out of Orangeburg, I  remained.  It's my home.  We aren't fancy, don't have high end fashion (Atlanta isn't far), talk funny (we talked funny in Maine too), and never mind the cow in the chair next to me...they aren't all catty.

Bless her heart!

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